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4911 Busbee Rd.
Seagrove, NC 27341

Studio Touya is a handmade pottery studio located in Seagrove NC where Hitomi and Takuro Shibata set up studio and built Japanese style wood kiln. Our focus is to make simple& functional pottery by using local wild clay and wood firing technique. We named our pottery as "Touya" when we started our small pottery studio in Shigaraki, Japan, and it literary means "pottery house" in Japanese which we really like.

Exquisite Forms at Charlie Cummings Gallery

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Exquisite Forms at Charlie Cummings Gallery

  • Charlie Cummings Gallery 2040 NW 6th St Gainesville, FL 32609 USA (map)

Clay is capable of taking many shapes, and ceramic artists through their diverse approaches find unique ways to produce the fine and touch the sublime. This exhibition explores excellence in diversity of functional pottery form both while in use and while being visually admired. Featuring pottery by:


Mark Arnold, JoAnn F Axford, Noel Bailey, Hayne Bayless, Eric Botbyl, Neil Celani, Fong Choo, Mike Cinelli, Carolanne Currier, Nick DeVries, Steven Hill, Paul Ide, Mike Jabbur, Kirk Jackson, Carol Long, Linda McFarling, Andrew McIntyre, Elizabeth Paley, Pete Pinnell, Claire Prenton, Adrian Sandstrom, Deborah Schwartzkopf, Joey Sheehan, Takuro Shibata, John Tilton, Kyla Toomey, and Melissa Weiss