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4911 Busbee Rd.
Seagrove, NC 27341

Studio Touya is a handmade pottery studio located in Seagrove NC where Hitomi and Takuro Shibata set up studio and built Japanese style wood kiln. Our focus is to make simple& functional pottery by using local wild clay and wood firing technique. We named our pottery as "Touya" when we started our small pottery studio in Shigaraki, Japan, and it literary means "pottery house" in Japanese which we really like.


Exhibitions & Workshops

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Seagrove Pre-NC Wood Fire Conference, May 26—June 7
Jun 7

Seagrove Pre-NC Wood Fire Conference, May 26—June 7

  • Studio Touya

Takuro & Hitomi Shibata at Studio Touya

We have a special Guest Artist to fire our Anagama kiln with us!

• Firing: Friday, June 2nd to Thursday, June 8th

• Kiln Description: Firing in a Japanese style Anagama firing. Wood fire with the ember

for 4 days (100 hours). You might see some special effects from amber bed, fly ash

and flashing from fire path.

• Friday, May 26th last day to accept pots and sign up for shifts

• 2 pieces per person: up to 9 in high x 6 in wide - No plates, bowls or flat objects.

• Must be cone 10 clay, must be bisque

Starting Friday, May 26th through Thursday, June 7th, attendees will have the opportunity to experience ceramic exhibitions, tours, contribute work to wood kiln firings, participate in firing shifts and other special events with over 20 of the Seagrove area's woodfire artists and their guests.  Participants can customize their pre-conference schedule based on the firings they decide to contribute work for, so check out the schedule below and make your choices when you register!

To kick off the exciting pre-conference festivities, Ben Owen III is hosting a party at his pottery on Saturday evening, June 3rd.  

NOBORIGAMA WOOD FIRING WORKSHOP at Peter's Valley School of Crafts
Jun 20

NOBORIGAMA WOOD FIRING WORKSHOP at Peter's Valley School of Crafts



JUNE 16-20

at Peter's Valley School of Crafts in NJ


Peters Valley School of Craft
19 Kuhn Road
Layton, NJ 07851

This immersive workshop offers participants the opportunity to learn how to fire The Peters Valley Noborigama wood kiln and also teaches the practical skills and techniques for glazing, loading, and firing a wood kiln. Participants will bring their own bisque pots made from Cone10+ clay for glazing and then load and fire the Noborigama kiln with instructors, Takuro and Hitomi Shibata, potters from Shigaraki Japan. The Shibata’s have years of experience firing many different wood kilns and currently live in the largest pottery community in the US in Seagrove, North Carolina. They will share their glazing techniques, loading aesthetics, and wood firing methods with participants. The Shibata’s will also discuss efficient way to process/recycle clay, Japanese wood firing history/techniques and provide hands-on information about testing and using wild clays. Participants will work with wild raw clay samples from NC and make small tests to fire in the kiln as well.

Workshop: Japanese Traditional Pottery at Art Alliance in Greensboro NC
Aug 6

Workshop: Japanese Traditional Pottery at Art Alliance in Greensboro NC

  • Art Alliance in Greensboro

Japanese Traditional Pottery
Guest Artists: 
Hitomi and Takuro Shibata / Seagrove, NC
2 Day Workshop  August 5th   1-5pm, August 6th   1-5pm
intermediate /materials required

Hitomi and Takuro studied and worked professionally in Shigaraki, Japan. They moved to Seagrove, NC in 2005.  Here they have been involved in the pottery community as potters and educators in the Star and Seagrove area.  In this workshop participants will learn Japanese traditional pottery techniques through demonstrations and hands-on practice. There will be a short slide presentation followed by instruction and demonstration.  Throwing and hand-building techniques will be featured, including; throwing large bowls, coiling large jars, teapots and slab construction.

New Times Three at Blue Spiral 1, Gallery2 in Asheville NC
Mar 17

New Times Three at Blue Spiral 1, Gallery2 in Asheville NC

  • Blue Spiral 1

JANUARY 12 – MARCH 17, 2017


New Times Three

New artists New works, New Year

An eclectic collection offering fresh perspectives for the New Year, New Times

Three introduces nine artists’ work never before seen at Blue Spiral 1. GALLERY 2

38 Biltmore Ave . Downtown Asheville . Mon-Sat 10-6 . Sun 12-5 . 828.251.0202 . View exhibitions at

Jessica Dupuis/ ceramics

Heather Hilton/ abstract sculpture

Alberto Ortega/ oil painting

John Douglas Powers/ conceptual sculpture

Peter Roux/ painting + drawing

Takuro Shibata/ ceramics

Hitomi Shibata/ ceramics

Kirsten Stingle/ figurative ceramics

Jeremy Wallace/ ceramics

Wood Fired Ceramics at Smith House Galleries
Sep 30

Wood Fired Ceramics at Smith House Galleries

  • Smith House galleries

Opening Reception: Friday, September 2, 5-8pm

SEPTEMBER 2-30, 2016


Ceramic art fired in a wood kiln shows in itself the story of the firing: the passage

of the flame and the traveling of the ash. The works in this exhibition reveal this

mysterious harmony of clay, fire, and wood. Featuring works by John Jessiman,

Randy Edmonson, Cricket Edmonson, Steven Glass, Robert Barnard, Takuro

Shibata, Hitomi Shibata, and Sukjin Choi.

Smith House Galleries

311 S. Main Street HARRISONBURG, VA 22801 | 540.801.8779

Gallery open to the public Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Apr 3

Lillestreet Art Center Exhibition

  • Lillstreet Art Center

John Jessiman with CubCreek residents and visiting artists

Opening Reception: February 26th, 6-8 pm

Lillstreet Art Center is proud to present the Cub Creek Foundation: John Jessiman With Visiting & Resident Artists, curated by Cub Creek founder and director John Jessiman. The Cub Creek Foundation is a non-profit ceramic educational facility located on a 100-acre property in Appomattox, VA. After years of teaching summer programs at Archie Bray and Alfred University, John Jessiman bought the land with the intention of creating “a residency program where emerging ceramic artists could prepare for advanced study and/or develop their careers.” In 2002, Cub Creek accepted its inaugural class of residents.

In the years since, Cub Creek has been host to more than 50 residents and numerous workshops. This exhibition features the work of 16 artists who have passed through its doors: Jessiman, Bede Clarke, Chuck Hindes, Chris Gustin, Dan Murphy, Jack Troy, Josh Deweese, Randall Edmonson, Ron Meyers, David MacDonald, Mitch Iburg, Andrew Avakian, Daniel Molyneux, Ed Feldman, Shanna Fliegel and Takuro Shibata.

Visiting Artist Workshop with John Jessiman: April 2nd and 3rd

10:00 am10:00

Seagrove Potters of Historic Busbee Road

Break away from the winter doldrums and visit the shops along Busbee Road the Saturday before Valentine’s Day. 
Treat your Valentine, your friends and yourself to a beautiful country drive in the Westmoore community, south of Seagrove. On Saturday February 13th,
join the Seagrove Potters of Historic Busbee Road as they host their annual Valentine celebration. 
Enjoy refreshments and festively attired shops while perusing the season's new pottery creations. A wide selection of pottery and other fine crafts
are available for purchase, along with treats to sample and new ideas as you prepare for Valentine’s Day.

Feb 5

John Jessiman - A Life in Clay

  • Ball State University

John Jessiman – A Life In Clay

Show Dates : January 12 – Feb 5, 2016
Closing reception: February 4th - 4:00–6:00 p.m., 2016
John Jessiman lecture Feb 4th 7:00 PM AJ225

This exhibition also includes
former residents of the Cub Creek Foundation:
Andrew Avakian
Ed Feldman
Shanna Fliegel
Susan Fluty
Rachael Marne Jones
Shasta Krueger
Josh Manning
Daniel Molyneux
Scott Steder
Takuro Shibata
Hitomi Shibata
Katie White

Presented by the Ball State University School of Art and the BSU Clay Guild